Saturday, December 15, 2012

Negotiating the best price for your wedding video

Many couples getting married often forget the importance of a great record of their day in the wedding video.  Budgets will be blown on things like, cakes, dresses, venues and food.  This leaves little or no cash in the pot for booking a wedding videographer. 

Setting your wedding videography budget

So you have decided that it is worth having a wedding video produced, yet with such a wide variety of wedding videographers out there in terms of pricing how do you set your budget?  Most wedding couples when
setting their budget will also consider the cost of their wedding photography, grouping the two together and setting a combined budget. There are some companies who offer both services at a high standard and offer discounts for booking both so this is a consideration.  First though you need to decide if you are just looking for a straight forward well filmed record of you day, or something a bit more film-like with a particular style to it that you can show off to all your friends and family.
Professional (old-hat) videographers with many years exoerience can be obtianed now fro around a £700 and will provide you with a low-frills record of your wedding day. For a £200 and upwards budget you can obtain some of the best wedding video services in the world from the UK. These companies provide a more film-like experience to filming your wedding, without the lighting and sound crews and big trailers! Their approach is to create you a bespoke film in the best possible way using the latest technology to create a finished product of the highest quality.
If you search for a wedding film company filming with 4k camcorders or RED cameras they will also be able to produce high quality still images form all the footage captured. As there are upwards of 25 pictures being captured a second with moving film then you are almost garanteed an album of stunning photographs with everyones eyes open! This wedding video option is likely to set you back upwards of £4500, yet can not be bettered in terms of quality of footage captured. ( 4 times the resolution of HD footage).

Negotiating a better price

No matter your budget and type of film, there are areas where and reasons why a videographer will move downwards on price. 
  1. Edit yourself:  If you can or are willing to edit the footage captured yourself, then the wedding videographer will often slash prices in half.  This is because the editing process is what takes the time, capturing the footage often takes the skill, whilst the editing process can be trial and error and just takes time.  If your willing to try this yourself or hire a cheaper editor this could save you money
  2. Shorter hours.  If you can cut right back on the hours that you will need the videographer at your wedding day this will often save you money.  
  3. Book last minute and negotiate hard.  Many videographers if not working already would prefer to be earning less than not working at all.  Search around for videographers who are free on your wedding day and play them against each other to win you contract. This may not work if you have a saturday wedding in August!

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