Monday, December 17, 2012

Filming A Wedding With The Canon 5d Mark-ii

If you are a keen videographer looking to improve your wedding video work and keep up with the rest of the field, then you cant help but to have noticed , some of the excitement around the new digital SLR cameras producing video. Although these cameras have been out for nearly 2 years now- many videographers still haven't dipped there toe in the water,

Get over the nerves - 3 reasons you will want a wedding video

1)   Wedding photographs are a great record, yet a still can't reproduce the feel and atmosphere of your special day, the mix of recorded audio and moving images can.  A professional wedding videographer will know how to tell the story of your day so that each and every moment is captured and told in the best possible way.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Negotiating the best price for your wedding video

Many couples getting married often forget the importance of a great record of their day in the wedding video.  Budgets will be blown on things like, cakes, dresses, venues and food.  This leaves little or no cash in the pot for booking a wedding videographer. 

Setting your wedding videography budget

So you have decided that it is worth having a wedding video produced, yet with such a wide variety of wedding videographers out there in terms of pricing how do you set your budget?  Most wedding couples when

Make a wedding film of your wedding ceremony

There are many factors why individuals believe they don't want a wedding film or video, some individuals don't like the believed of a large photographic camera or unusual wedding videographer.
So if you choose you don't want to pay someone else to film your wedding there