Monday, December 17, 2012

Get over the nerves - 3 reasons you will want a wedding video

1)   Wedding photographs are a great record, yet a still can't reproduce the feel and atmosphere of your special day, the mix of recorded audio and moving images can.  A professional wedding videographer will know how to tell the story of your day so that each and every moment is captured and told in the best possible way.

2)   There will no doubt be people who can't make you wedding day, or may not be on this earth that much longer after the big day.  For those people who are just too ill to attend or live abroad and too far away, a wedding film is a the only way of letting them share in the joy of your wedding day , speeches, main service and all the other magic moments. A wedding video is also a great way of remembering everybody who attended your wedding, enjoying you special day, happy and dressed to impress (for once!).

3)    To help show off the other investments you made on your wedding. The wedding video will record all the moments you are way too busy to appreciate. How well did your band perform, what tricks did your magician do?, how did those overpriced flowers look and how well did the hotel do with dressing your tables? You make many big investments on your big day, yet won't have much time to appreciate them all. Make the most of your well earned money and relive your wedding day again and again, with a well filmed wedding video!

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