Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vibrant Wedding and reception: Fiona and Peter’s wedding

Fiona Kerr married Peter Brice. They arrange their reception at Friars Court. They complete it’s decoration the day before. The owner of Friars Court added some touches after they left. Fiona and Peter were very surprised while they reached on the day of wedding. 
Wedding photographer

Traditional wedding video

Here the people of UK use the video with their tradition. It is mainly used in their family occasion of wedding. And other time, it is also used of friend’s wedding. But it is a very popular and also traditional in their country. 

Traditional wedding video is new styles that do not fit with above. This video can be edited, but it is usually lightly. Traditional keeps to look more a family shot video. Everything of that video is edited in a linear precursory and currently in its entirety. These videos tend to be some hours just like 2 to 3 hours and even longer, in length.
UK Traditional Wedding videos are not limited to using just one of those styles and every video has different amounts of styles which we are found. The people of UK do it and they are very comfortable for it.
Traditional video is a video where the family members are stayed together or friends. Here they arrange a party and take video of that event. They see the event after wedding.

In the termination, UK wedding video is very smart, exciting and powerful. The new technology are used this type of video. We do not found this type of video in another country.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wedding videography and photography: Wedding photography tips

Wedding photography is photography where you need to show your skill, experience, techniques and your methodology. It is not quite simple to do as you perform in others photography. For the beginner I think you need to follow some guidelines when you’re going to shoot wedding photos.

Wedding photography: Visit location

Before the day of wedding ceremony, visit spot to find niche places to take shoot of wedding photos. Observe the light from where it is coming. Take few

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clemency and Tom had an elegant and stylish celebration in North London

Clemency and Tom met first in a birthday party and then they started the same school aged 11. In spite of this, the couple didn't go on their very first date until they were 21 and both at Nottingham University. Tom proposed Clemency at just  10 past 10 in the morning on the 10th October, 2010. Then they were in a stunning hotel  in Barcelona. The lovely ring was engraved with “10/10/10 life would be rubbish without you”. Clemency also said, “yes”. In the following December they strung the tie.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Good wedding photography

good wedding photographyYou may spent $300 for your wedding shoos. Have you think how it will look on your wedding photos. May your dress up or moment will not hold complete appeal. It actually depends on good wedding photography. There is no doubt that wedding photography is mils aside from image/portrait photography. Wedding photography is wedding photography. It will not only a portrait photography but also a photography that holds emotion, joys, tools on wedding, time when ceremony took place and

Monday, December 17, 2012

Filming A Wedding With The Canon 5d Mark-ii

If you are a keen videographer looking to improve your wedding video work and keep up with the rest of the field, then you cant help but to have noticed , some of the excitement around the new digital SLR cameras producing video. Although these cameras have been out for nearly 2 years now- many videographers still haven't dipped there toe in the water,

Get over the nerves - 3 reasons you will want a wedding video

1)   Wedding photographs are a great record, yet a still can't reproduce the feel and atmosphere of your special day, the mix of recorded audio and moving images can.  A professional wedding videographer will know how to tell the story of your day so that each and every moment is captured and told in the best possible way.