Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wedding videography and photography: Wedding photography tips

Wedding photography is photography where you need to show your skill, experience, techniques and your methodology. It is not quite simple to do as you perform in others photography. For the beginner I think you need to follow some guidelines when you’re going to shoot wedding photos.

Wedding photography: Visit location

Before the day of wedding ceremony, visit spot to find niche places to take shoot of wedding photos. Observe the light from where it is coming. Take few
test photos. Hope it will save your time and help you to take proper shoot during the wedding ceremony.


Wedding photography: Collect few popular styles

You may have different idea on style of shooting, but that all of your ideas may not be proffered by couple. So it is a good idea to collect images of popular style of wedding photography and make a book. When you are making agreement of wedding photography with a couple, show them the style book and ask them to prefer a number of styles to have for them. Now your job is to think about those styles and places to make an effective effort.


Wedding photography: Show your creativity

I know you will take photos following most popular styles. But you must need to have some creativity on your work to make it different from other pros. Arrange a style from your mind and give conscious on your staffs so that they are able to comply with your instruction to make it possible.


Wedding photography: Capture important tools of wedding

Don’t forget to capture rings, bridal dress, groom’s suit and shoes, tables where family will sit down, cake, flowers and small lights. Since they have special values and you also can use them to make a superb slide.


Wedding photography: Background

Hope you have long background cloth or paper to use them in wedding photography. It will be more essential, when you will need to make some cinematic effect on your wedding photography. There are many people scattered during the ceremony.  So it is tuff to get unique background. So you can use artificial background behind and when you are editing, you will be able to manipulate simply as you need.

Finally I want to end here. I think you have all skills of photography as a pro. I have tried to have some tips to make your effort successful. If you have any new idea you can share with us and write it simply as a comment.

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